Our Dental Consulting Areas of Focus

Increase Collection

It’s no surprise that collecting money in a dental practice can be challenging. We not only have to estimate and process insurance correctly, offer discounts, payment plans and outside credit sources, but we also have to send billing statements and collect correct amounts from patients.

It can be very tricky to have set payment policies and procedures when your patients have been trained to never pay at the time of their appointment. Executing a solid financial policy and teaching your team to use transformational vocabulary, will guarantee an increase in collections.  Office Swell can guarantee that we will make this an easier, more efficient process for you and your patients.

Front Desk Training

At Office Swell, our ultimate goals are to create a patient centered practice, maximize dental technology, increase profitability, assist with systems/protocols, and provide effective team training. Administrative training is generally overlooked and on the job training from another team member could be hurting your practice more than you think.

There is no such admin training program in Hawaii to provide front office training, until now! We will provide a full, comprehensive curriculum for your front office Receptionist or Office Manager to ensure accuracy, efficiency and excellent customer service. Our hands-on, onsite training will be delivered from a highly skilled dental Practice Manager and will be customized to fit your practice.

Going Paperless

This is the most talked about topic in dentistry today and it is only a matter of time before all dental practices will have to become completely digital and chartless. Medical offices and hospitals have already been forced to switch to Electronic Health Record, which has allowed them to streamline patient data, appointments and payments.

Call us today for a FREE paperless consultation, to establish a realistic timeline for your practice to become paperless and ensure you have all of the necessary tools and resources to make this a smooth transition. We will guide you every step of the way and will provide hands-on, onsite, team training.

Increase New Patients with Our Internal Marketing Strategies

Does your practice get a steady new patient flow every month? Do you see a decline in production and collection? Office Swell is here to help get more new patients in your practice, guaranteed! Internal marketing is about attracting, developing, motivating and retaining qualified team members that are capable of making your practice productive and profitable all while maintaining a steady new patient flow. 

The theory behind internal marketing is that patients’ attitudes toward your practice are based on their entire experience and not just the dentistry they receive. Thus, everyone who has any contact directly or indirectly with the patient helps shape that patients’ experience. Office Swell will train your team to provide superior customer service to boost new patient count.

Dental Transformational Vocabulary

Technology instruction

Technology is always changing and improving. Stay up to date with the latest dental technology to expand your diagnosis and give your patients exactly what they need.

Office Swell is dedicated to maintain all current technology certifications to teach you and your team CBCT, CAD/CAM, Practice Management Software and Radiology. All of these tools will streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. We will not only teach you how to use these tools, but will help you implement them properly.